MTU PowerPacks with the 1800 and 1600 series are innovative and comprehensive drive systems that combine all drive components within a single operating unit on a single support frame.

They were specifically designed for floor and ceiling installation and are notable for their particularly flat and compact construction. In this way each MTU PowerPack can be configured individually. MTU offers wagon equipment for diesel-electric and diesel-mechanical power transmission.

MTU has an experienced system supplier, offering complete drive technology for your rail cars from a single source, we can easily tailor our complete and highly compact systems, including automation, to your individual needs.

Integration into the vehicle and expansion of maintenance goals are quick and easy with our Plug & Play setup.

Powerpack PP6H1800 Autovagon


Our locomotive engines are perfectly adapted to all the needs of our customers. The mainline drive, all-purpose and diesel push train engines are designed, for example, for heavy-duty train operation and high-speed passenger train travel, while our locomotive diesel engines are optimized for Bypass and industrial units for frequent load changes in all areas of partial load and long outages at low loads.

With any of our locomotive drives, you are opting for maximum uptime and high reliability, easy maintenance and long time between service (TBO), low specific consumption and low life cycle costs. MTU series 4000 series diesel engines in 8V, 12V, 16V and 20V cylinder configuration are ideal for installation in a wide range of locomotives.

Locomotive 16V4000