MTU engines are the first purchase option for many mining companies whose operations are considered the most productive in the world.

Competitive advantages: :

  • Greater reliability and availability: Extend the useful life of the engine thanks to the conception of its design, which facilitates and reduces maintenance work.
  • Improves operator productivity: Reduces operator physical exhaustion thanks to lower noise levels in operation.
  • Lower operating costs: Greater fuel economy, longer time between general repairs (overhauls), personalized maintenance plan allowing the possibility of several general repairs throughout the useful life of the engine.
  • Availability of programming software options: For operations at high altitudes (greater than 4000 masl), for emission control (Tier II, Tier III, Tier IV) in order to optimize fuel consumption.

Model: 16V4000


Detroit Power System Peru has a staff of engineers highly trained by the MTU for the development of replacement projects for mining trucks, earthmoving equipment, locomotives and boats.

We have achieved successful repowering for Hauling, Dresser, Euclid, Komatsu, Terex, and Lectra Haul trucks, likewise, repowering has been carried out for electric trucks with 4000 Series engines, the same ones that have been operating at more than 4000 masl in the most important copper mines in Peru and where they have obtained high levels of availability.

Model: MTU 20V4000


When drilling a flurry of holes in harder rock formations or when conducting exploratory drilling, our diesel engines must run smoothly around the clock in the most extreme environmental conditions.

Our well-tested and constantly improved drive systems guarantee reliability and cost-effectiveness. MTU engine maintenance design offers even more benefits with long service intervals.

In addition, the third-generation “common rail” injection system and intelligent engine management system provide optimal combustion and fuel efficiency.

We also offer suitable solutions for special emission demands, if required.

Model: 12V4000