Tugboats are powerful compacts that are always on hand to handle tough tasks in all situations. Whether it is a harbor, offshore, or anchor-handling tug, your diverse job requirements are matched by our wide range of tugboat engines.

They are capable of meeting any challenge with a performance spectrum from 400 kW (2000 series) to 3200 kW (4000 series). We can also offer higher levels of performance for more traction from the tugboat propulsion system. All of our diesel and gas engines operate to the highest levels of reliability with rapid load absorption, even under the toughest conditions. Their high standards make tugboats exceptionally agile, manageable and safe, and always ready for action.

As an experienced system provider, MTU offers onboard power generators and ship automation systems that work perfectly with our robust engines.

Model: 16V 2000 CR03 togM94