MTU engines for underground mining machinery and application equipment are specially designed for extreme conditions 24/7.

Series 60 and Series 900 engines provide greater torque range at low RPM regardless of temperature, dust, or humidity.

Competitive Advantages: MTU engines provide lower operating costs because they allow long maintenance intervals and lower fuel consumption costs. The novel exhaust gas system provides optimal engine combustion and friendly performance with the environment and the underground working environment.

MTU engines will provide your operation with high performance under the most severe operating conditions, maximum availability and minimum downtime, reducing operating costs.



Decades of experience and knowledge are reflected in our wide range of engines that constantly offer versatile solutions for specific tasks.

Engines and equipment are perfectly matched to each other. That’s why we are the leading manufacturer of engines for material handling equipment and mobile cranes. Our engines, ranging from 75 kW (900 series) to 480 kW (1500 series), are perfect for your aircraft tractors, mobile cranes, air.

Series 1000, 1100, 1300 and 1500 engines are based on Mercedes-Benz technology, but are optimized for off-road use.



As the pressure intensifies from industries around the world to reduce emissions and improve air quality, some brands are taking a sustainable approach to upgrade their Oil-Free Air (OFA) compressors. Oil-free air prevents contamination of pneumatic systems and the production of unsafe ambient condensate at a site. OFA electric compressors have also been a popular choice for reducing emissions. With the help of the MTU 1000, 1100, 1300 and 1500 series diesel engines, various brands are able to offer their customers a new line of OFA Tier 4 final diesel compressors.

Units deliver oil-free air at pressures up to 150 psi with flow rates up to 1,600 cfm. MTU engines are chosen for three key differentiators: fuel efficiency, which translates to lower costs for end-users; emission compliance; and reliability.



MTU engines have also proven to be drive systems for stationary applications and machines such as pumps. The Power Units (PDUs) are assembled according to the requirement of the clients’ needs, they have robust construction, simplicity in the actuation, and instrument screens that make monitoring and inspection easy.

Our PDU construction is based on Mercedes-Benz technology, but customized for what stationary equipment or pumps may require. The power ranges of the engines range from 75 kW to 350 kW.



Dust, mud, moisture, heat, multi-shift operation; engines for road construction machines; emergency equipment, foundry transfer equipment, etc; they must work in the harshest conditions. MTU engines are designed for consistent performance to meet the extraordinary demands of this equipment.

Ranging in power from 75 kW (900 series) to 970 kW (2000 series), they are built to power your construction and special purpose vehicles or public utility vehicles at full speed and full load. We also offer a variety of propulsion options for specialty vehicles such as street sweepers or snow plows.



We are experienced specialists in engines for agricultural and forestry equipment. MTU engines provide reliable power for a range of agricultural machinery and vehicles, such as tractors, combines, forage, timber and forestry harvesters, and their diesel engines ensure maximum performance in fields and forests, whatever the conditions are.

MTU engines are high performance and reliable with built-in efficiency, helping you realize these benefits. Our 1000, 1100, 1300 and 1500 series agricultural engines are based on Mercedes-Benz technology and customized for off-road use.

These diesel engines are rated at 100-480 kW and have been specifically designed for agricultural and forestry applications